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Alberta Arts Remodel

The remodel of this1928 home in the Alberta Arts District was phased over 15 years and comprised of a second floor remodel, kitchen remodel, and basement remodel to suit the growing family.


The kitchen remodel increased the counter space, storage and functionality of the room, and the mix of modern and traditional materials brought interest and beauty to the space.


The second floor remodel was comprised of a master suite and adjacent nursery, adding much needed closet space and new finishes.  The new interior detailing, including the wood flooring, stair rail, wainscot and bathroom, added modern touches while respecting the original detailing found throughout the home.

A modern loft bed was added to a small bedroom, doubling the size and functionality of the room.

The basement was remodeled, providing a large open space housing a family room, office space, full bathroom, and large laundry room.


Phased full home remodel 


Portland, OR

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