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Irvington Remodel and Addition

Located within the Irvington Historic District, the project required a separate design review and approval process due to the proposed exterior modifications to the home. A previous remodel left the home as a jumble of spaces with lots of cabinetry, but little thought to the actual function of the spaces. The 57 square foot addition at the rear of the home enabled a remarkable transformation of the kitchen, taking it from a crowded L-shaped kitchen with little workable counter space to a beautiful large kitchen conducive to cooking and entertaining. The new kitchen opens to the backyard through a new 4-panel sliding door, which provides ample daylighting and extends the kitchen to the outdoors. A new bench and storage adjacent to the 4-panel door function like a mud room. New windows over the sink balance the daylight in the space and provide views to the exterior. A large nebulous space between the living room and rear of the home was given order and purpose through the addition of a new hallway, built-ins, and storage space, bringing the home back to a more traditional and functional layout. Stained fir woodwork and cabinetry matches the original woodwork. Reproduction brass hardware and light fixtures throughout the space add to the timelessness of the home.


Complete remodel of existing single-family home


Portland, OR

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